Starsupernova - Skysupernova

Maine Coon


Grazia Sem - Sara Muscianese


Since 2010 we become members of Fife and we have now

two separate catteries :

Starsupernova of Grazia Sem

Skysupernova of Sara Muscianese

Our breeding work is still the same and unic

that's to say the one that before 2010 was of "Supernova" :-)




Welcome to our Home Page! s


We are two Italian girls with one greatest common passion: the Maine Coon cat!!
We have known ourselves in an expo and from the beginning we have started a strong friendship as well as now we can say that we’re just like sisters!!
We spend much time speaking about ours cats and confronting each other about theyr things!

We work together to find out typed and healty cats:-)




All our cats (not only Maine Coon!!) they live in the house with us,they're loved, purring and we think they're honorary members of our families!
We give much importance to their daily toilet and pay attention on hygiene where they lives; Feeding is very important, we always supplying with healthier and balance best food.
We love that ours cats live in a familiar and calm atmosphere and we think is this the secret that concurs us to raise docile and balances subjects.


Our breeding program is based on three fundamental elements:

  • Health
  • Character
  • Type


Our studs and queens (and not only them) are periodically tested HCM and PKD,most importants genetic diseases of this race, and moreover also for most common feline pathologies (FIV/FELV).

We dedicate much attention to their health, we execute periodically control visits,and in general all that they need; we also try to inquire and to keep themselves constantly dawned.

Cat's character can be hight influenced by start imprinting, is this the matter why we assure that our cats and their kitten always live in a serene atmosphere, we let them stay with their mother all the time they need.

We breed best lines, foreign and not, than beyond health and equilibrium they can guarantee to the kittens the typical characteristics of the race; Our studs and queens are all excellent and reward breed and expo subjects.

Sara and Grazia






Our cats are Genetically tested to the Clinic AnimalDNA




I prodotti CRUELTY FREE sono contrassegnati, in etichetta, da una varieta' di loghi e di diciture.

Ci sono alcune regole per le diciture che su base volontaria le aziende possono apporre sui prodotti in tema di test su animali. Occhio: "testato clinicamente" o "testato dermatologicamente" non significa "non testato su animali". Si tratta di diciture non soggette a normativa. Per andare sul sicuro, per cio' che riguarda il prodotto finito, e' necessario CHE SIA SCRITTO "non testato sugli animali" o "cruelty-free". Questo in attesa che la Coalizione Europea contro la Vivisezione metta a punto un unico nuovo logo a livello internazionale valido per le differenti legislazioni di tutti i paesi.